Dream Logic is a community of artists, technologists, designers, experimenters, and entrepreneurs. We design, curate and build immersive art experiences that bring artists + technologists together to explore new ways of seeing.


Services + offerings:
  • Curation: new media art, installation & interactive art, AR/VR art, sound

  • Immersive experience design

  • Interior design + installation

  • Event Logistics + Management

  • Sourcing and oversight of contractors, build-outs, installs

  • Installation



What does our name mean?

Dreams operate via a curious logic...

The vast cognitive network that governs the dreaming mind is deeper and wider than that which promotes conscious sense-making. Rationality is suspended in dream states, which is why in dreams we can swim through the air or walk through walls. Dreams are the land of inventions, visions, and nightmares.

Because virtual experiences do not abide by the logic of physical laws, they support a remarkably similar hyper-associative, instinctive, self-aware cognitive state as dreams.

We explore these territories using art as a guide. As poets, mystics, scientists, and inventors will will tell you... strange and wondrous things come to life in the borderlands of dreams.