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>> Curator + producer Lindsay Saunders is a self-described tech / art nerd. She curated her first AR art show in Brooklyn with artist Lauren Shaw in 2012, wrote a thesis on AR and marketing in 2014, and produced a VR / live theater play at the Hollywood Fringe Fest in 2015.  She is a Senior Program Manager on Mozilla's Open Innovation team. And, now that she teaches Project Management at NYU, she is officially a wizard.  

>> Artist, curator + producer Kelly Sinclair Vicars works on immersive art projects that combine world building, visual art, and experience design. When she’s not helping transform a Boeing 747 into a moving art installation in the desert, she spends as much time as possible drawing, writing and painting in her Sierra Nevada studio. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art at SNC in Lake Tahoe. "Dream Logic" came from a list of fake band names she keeps on her cell phone, and The Art of Dying show was inspired by a weird dream she had about Sean! Her words to live by: never leave home without a headlamp. 

>> Technical director Sean Kennedy’s background in psychology enables him to skillfully implement weird new tech in very human settings. His superpowers include: working with imperfect interfaces, undocumented methodologies, and untested code;  implementing online marketing strategies and providing elite tech support to clients; and re-assuring people that everything will be okay. Sean loves doing house calls for technological art projects involving VR, projection mapping, and emerging tech. He is an avid writer of poetry, short stories, and travel journals and just completed his first sci-fi novel. He roams the desert (in between grilled cheeses) helping distressed participants at Burning Man find solutions, and/or themselves.

>> Designer Liisa Laukkanen applies her talents as an interior designer and architect to dream up immersive environments for Dream Logic shows. She founded F2 Design in San Francisco in 2011, and between installs can be found jet setting at the drop of a hat to anywhere she hasn’t been yet, or cross-country skiing through her native Finland. (She can attest that Fins DO rake their forests.) Her favorite color is pink. Her most recent motto: always carry a tape measure.