In May 2018, Dream Logic exhibited an art installation and a virtual reality film ('Hovering' by creative studio 79Ancestors) at SFMOMA in San Francisco as part of the celebration surrounding the opening of 'The Fifth Season' René Magritte exhibit. Our installation features 50 clouds illuminated by LEDs, creating a "cloud ceiling" in the museum's white box room in tribute to Magritte's famous clouds. 


In partnership with Bay Area immersive theater collective LavaSaga, Dream Logic produced the VR component of this fantastic, 2-hour long journey in which participants came into an intimate encounter with their own life and death.


Dream Logic presents a recurring VR installation at California Academy of Science's monthly 'NightLife' event series in Golden Gate Park. 

In 2017, Dream Logic presented VR at Luminary, Future Fires' opening showcase at The Midway Gallery in San Francisco. Our installation explored the theme Nature / Unnature inspired by the question: may we experience epiphanies and cathartic experiences in our “natural” minds, spurred by the “unnatural” creations of VR artists?

We engaged with this question through three VR experiences: Dreams of Dali from The Dali Museum, Morphogenesis by Can Buyukberber & Yagmur Uyanik, and Fistful of Stars by Eliza McNitt & The Endless Collective.


Our first show, The Art of Dying (October 2016) invited over two dozen artists and technologists from around the world to bring their visions of mortality to life through virtual reality, augmented reality, installations, music, and interactive experiences. The show took place in San Francisco's mission district as part of OpenIDEO’s Re:Imagine | End of Life week - a citywide conversation through art, experience, and design.